Passion Project 

We are the Bandys, owners and operators of Holeshot Arenacross

We started Holeshot in 2020 as a HUGE leap of faith and a passion for arenacross. We love anything to do with motorcycles, dirt bikes, basically anything with a motor. That includes running events that have to do with the sport. Tyler and Judith Bandy have been working arenacross events for the last 7 years together. Their two kids have grown up around the sport and have a love for it too. 


Our mission is to bring a community of riders together and hold awesome events with family in mind. We LOVE to see riders of all ages, all skill levels gain the courage to get out on a track and give it all they have. Seeing family, friends, and fellow riders coming together is one of the best things feelings. We are so honored to get to be a part of moments like those. 

We are working to find charities to work with to promote at each event. God is so good to us and we know that our event is a great way to get a good message out there.


Right now our mission is Nac. TX Arenacross for 2020. 2021 is looking great for us and we are excited for the future so stay in touch with social media or our emails. We thank you for taking the time to come out and be part of the event and if you ever need anything please do not hesitate reach out.  

-Tyler & Judith Bandy


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